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.the bbord will select its favorite entriee and send them to the u-s geological could takeethe federal agency uu to 9 onths to ccoose a winner. enter.. go to our website foxbaltimore dot ccm slash morning. ggrlfrrend of about a year... kimmkarddshian..are expectinn a baby. booh.wwst made the atlantic ciiy, on kardassian is still legaaly filed for divorce in ootober 2011... 72 days after the two aavery ppegnant essica simpson proudly shows of her caption reads " bumpin' and ppoud."on christmas she confirred she was pregnant with her second child.... with 32-year old is already a mother tooa seven month old daughter. coming up on the early it wws one busy yeaa. year.we count down tte top &pnews stories of 2011. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3 ((trafffc reporter ad libs)) maa greeespring piberty 44 map 3coming up... from funny.. to sad... to life- changing.2012 had it all. all.we count down the op new &pstories of the last year... next. ((b
then, the u.s. draws a red line. telling syrian president aassad not to use chemical weapons in the country's civil war. we'll discuss the intelligence and the possible fallout with israel's ambassador to the u.s., michael oren, a fox news sunday exclusive, plus the supreme court agrees to take up same sex marriage. we'll ask our sunday panel what the court is likely to decide, whether gays have a constitutional right to marriage. >>> and, a final farewell to my best friend, winston. all, right now, on fox news sunday. ♪ >> chris: and hello, again from fox news in washington. well, it is beginning to feel like ground hog day, in the talks to avoid the fiscal cliff. both sides dug in, no agreement in sight. and, we're now just 23 days from the brink. joining us to break down where things stand, are two leading senators. democrat charles schumer, of new york. and, republican bob corker, of tennessee. gentlemen, house seaker boehner said on friday that another week has been wasteded. senator corker, given that president obama won the election, and seems to have most of the pol
's billl it's your turn o sound off on our facebook page about anyttiig you want. want.let us kkow what'' on could air in our "facebook se feedback" seggent. become a fan and join the to - coming up... one man's unique rewardd.. to the person who finds his lostt's a hint... ii has nothing to o with oney.what he's offering... that might have swarms of people out searching. and later... why áasparagusá could become a favorite vegetable among americans next're watthhng 3 3((breaa 1)) ((bump in)) 3 (toss to weather)) 3 3 3 3 3 3 cooing up... fewer americans... getting cancer.the two reasons... that could be to bllme. we just made your daa very exciting. at least ours is going to be. --pls stop text he- here--aad later... tte runway incident... that ed to this're watthing fox 45 - &pmorning 3 new this morning... retired general norman shwaazkopf... who came toobe known as "sttrmin' orman"... has died. schwarzoof passed away in tampa last night.his sister says he died of omplications &pfrom pneumonia.. schwarzkf commanded u-s forces in the early 90's...
us... us... how people are getting ready. yyu are taking a look at the 3 the state higgway admistration highly recommends thaa we all staa off the roads ttmorrow if for some reassn you are oot there....they ask that you never pass a snow's themmlive in nnrth baltimorr, jp fox45 ews late edition. 3 3 news late edition. 3 3 first on fox.... a college student trying to make ends meet deliverying pizzas says he wasspunished because he fought back during a robbery. sam swicegood... says smething didn't feel right when heewas about to make a delivery... so he ggabbed aapiecee f a tent ole to protect himself.. ppzza hut has a no weapons policy so now swicegood has been moved to being a cook anddhis ay 9:48:40 i wwsh i had my job in the hospital that i'm wsn't allve. five peole against one evee juveeiles 5 against one is not a good situation to be in 55 :55 pizza ut has yet tt comment police arrrsted 3 of the five attack. that... brinns us to ourr pizza deliveryman... beeould a ppnished... for defendingghimse? himsell? a lot of response... on our fa
. ptleast 35 to 40 pieces of equipment wiil be used to makee sureeall streets are llared 3 a ssokesman or the company also gave tips for drivers. 3 "allowwfor nough travvl time please do nnt try tt exceed the speed limit. do nnt try o pass our snow plows aad the roads can be very deceiving 3 there cannbe somm sllck icy spots." planning to drive -3 saturday...the depprtment of transpootttion is urging drivers to recoosider whether traveling is eceesary. 3 the... state reports... &p its... first... deeth..... due to hypothermia....this 3 officials say... a... man died... in... freeerickk county... / - between ... december 18th... and the 24th...//.not... much is knownn.. about the -3 victim...// 3& least... 66 yearr -3 old.../.there... related deaths... confirmed in marylann... last winter. 3 the... -&p torm ... that dumped snow... on maryland ... wednesday.
in ammrica. we've -3 all got to be angry. this is the nra or us against the eetertainment iidustry. this -&pis all f us. this has changed the ddalogue, ann it should pove beyond ddalogge, we need action. a neelyyformed "nnwtown united," is calling for better gun controo. it plans to send a delegation to washington tuesddy. we have - phe benefit anddthe misfortune of beiig on the nattonal stage right now, ttis is aareally opportunity for us to make a statement. schoolsshere will reopen tuesday, but sandy hook ellmmntary will be clloed until further notice. in dunnan. 3 when they do go bacc to schooo... the chhllrrn who 3 will not ave to return to tte scene f theemassacre. & instead.. theyywill go to their classes's still unclear whennthat wwil happen..ut all public schoolss 3 be closed ttdaa.. and sandd hook elementary will ever be used for eachiig.... aggin. 3 baltllmore's archbissop is also reactingto the mass shootinggii connecticut. 3 arccbishop william lori...previouslyssrved as bishop of southwestern &pccnnecticut...which includes
to angreeeent tonightt.. you change in your nnxt payyheck. that's because businesses &plikely used 22-12 withholding rates... uncertain about what would happen. happen.if you want to see how much your taxes would go up agreement.. go tt foxbaltimroo dot com slash morning. the funerallwill be held tomasz kaczooka ... one of two new york firefighters who was firr.on sunday... thousands gathered to rememberrthe ooher victim... police liiutenant michael chiaaperiii.both firefighters were gunned down py an ex-con... who police say deliberatelyyset his house on fire... to lure fire crews into a deadly ambush.police say the gunman... william injured 2 others... before turning theegun on himself last week. 3a nee york woman is charged hate crime... for allegedly pushing a man in front of a subway train.this issthe surveillance video... captured lasttweek.police saaythe suspect... erika menendezz.. &ptold officers she pushed a muslim off the train trrcks muslims ever sinceethe attacks at the world trade center in 2001.witnessss say they aa a womannpacing the platform and muttering to herseef.
morning guys,ttis morning, everything is back to normal on campus... but ssme students tell us hey are seriously questioning their saf. safety. this was the scene just one week ago... helicopters cirlciig above and police scowering the ground.the shooting happened at one &ppolice have now charged a d-c man with attempted murrer for shootinggtyrell okoro... a morgan state football playyr in the leg.inveetigators say... he was shot after a dispute... near a unfolded in ffont f a crowd of students... despertately calling for help. "caller: a young man got shht. i wassin my dorm room and i looked out and he just got shot""somebody just ggt shot onnmmrgan's campus, right here can somebody come please!" pleass!"to hear all offthe 9-1-1 calls released by 3 police... go to our website, foxbaltimore dot om, slash raw news. this was the second on campus shoottng in just a matter of monnhs from morggn state university, i'm megan an abingdon man is held on s..- 100-thousand doolars ail this morning...accused of trying &pto film his own daughter in the shower. showe
the u-s farm bill... that woulddstop prices frrm doubling in 2013.the compromise was reached in he house of representatives' agriculture commmttee...the &psenate... and the be siined b the president. a violent weekend in baltimore.... as police investigate four separate ssoot. shootings. the latesttinnvolves man shot road anddbryant avenue. we &pwere on the scene as homicide p:30 last night. hey found the man with multippe gun shot wounds... the inveetigatioo backed up &ptrrffic as detecttves searche for clues. police haven't released any information on the suspect.... orr he victim's condition. nd a man was shot in baltimooe. it happened on fenwick road around 3::0 &ppunday afternoon as the shooter fled the scene.... he actually slammed his car into still searching for the poliie ask you call iffyou have any information on these four seeerate shootings. with just hours left in 2012..... baltiiore city has mmrder rate. so far this year, phere have been 216 homicides .... comparee to 197 in all of 2001. baltimore counny pollce are investigating the sso
an agreement... or the u-s economy will go over thee so-called "fiscal cllff." that's when automattc tax increasse and ssendinngcuts would take effect. reaching a deal beeooe then on't be easy. becauseeright now, both high-stakes political blame game. we are here in washingtonnworking while the members of the house of reeresentatives are out watching movies and watching the kids play soccerrand bbsketball and doing all kinds oo things. they should be here. i told the prreident i'd beehappy to look at whateeer he proposes but the truth is we're coming up against a hardd &pthis is a conversation we &pbbsh-era tax cuts to everyonne except those americans making year. many republicans rrmain - against any tax incceases. most americans just wann sommthing to be done. ppople are just tired of everyone to come together. if lawmmkers don't reach a deal by jaauary 1st, many econnnmists are oncerned it couud eventually leed to anotherrrecessionn i'm ed payne reporting. supreme coort ustice sonia sottmayor turnssdown a request... to blook part oo thh "affordable heallhcarr act"... ffom going in
. when she was connrooted by a school administrator she used the knife... to cut im on hiss hands.immeeiately... the you can imagine... parrnns -3 were frantic. 3& (paaent) "itt ridiculous sometting needs to happen and coming off the inciddnt in &pnewtown any parent anyyreal parent is going to be - concerned bout whats going onn & far as their child" this incident.buttthe chool administratoo was sent tt the & hoopital. the suspect issat theecitt lock up tonight facing a llng liss of charges. - 3& school is expected to open on schedule here this morning.but still a lot of unanswerrd & questions about safety... we'll have morr on that part - pf the story commng up next half ouu.i'' megan gilliland, & fox45 mornnng news. 3 p3 newtown, connncticut ill face many more funerals ooer the --3next few days... as christmas approaches. as natisha lance explains... students other thaa those who attend sannyy hook elementary... are pttrting to return to class this morning... as a community rocked by tragedy... tries o find someenormalcy. 3 3 the first funerals
bbck in 1986... before most f uu even had a cell phone. that briigs us to our question of the dayy...///should law enforceeent agencies... hhve the potential... to access... youu text essages for up to pwo years? go... to... fox- baatimore dot com .../ tell us... what you think.../..sound... off... thru... facebook.../. send... us... a ffxbaltimore.../. text... ...45-203..../ enter... fox45a or yes.. / ffx45b for no. police... identiff... the man... who died... in a fire lasttnight... in... altimore . county.the... body ...oo... 62-year-old... william ssencer ... was found... by... home... on... sweet aar road... in jjcksonville...//. the... fiie... p around 11- 30... last ight....// 80... fireepersoonell.. and... 20... fire uniis... were... on the scene....///crews... had... to... water.../ because... there are... no hydrants... in theearea. in: once we rought fiieeunder ctrlout: priot to moving cene oot of house house two... fire fighters... suffered...
us, live... ffom 41st street to explain. it's because oo this.. a performance review which recommended the ellimination of the bus stops. the goal is to make travee more efficient... buttit will effect two very busy buss routes. thousandssof people use mta says the changes will make the system more eliable..but at informational meetings, customers are voicinn their between white marsh and umbc is onn effecced line... the other is the nuuber 11. that town center. ccnton and towson - (barbara)"if they take that stop its going toomake it 100 times worse on me!"(butt too: )"about 15 to 22 minutes.. f walking distance and i uue a boot and a cane.. and that does not make it easy for me." an essimatedd 241-thousann is continueing to take he mta - feedback on the proposed the month. on 41st st kc fox - 45 news at 5;00 how are the roaas looking tonigt tonight?carrre peirce has ouu traffic edge report. &pgreenspringmdot-695 liberty mmot--95 at 335map it turns out the seconddwinner of a whopping powerball connection after all. and anonyyous, his identity has been revealed.
... - 3recreationall.. marijuana use... is now legal... in pashington state...../starting today... residents... 21... and over... can possess... up to... announce of pot... áwithoutá facing... passed the ...growing... pnd selling the drug still a crime...//.coloradoo... áalso á...legalized the recreettinall use... oo marijuaaaa.. lass month... / but... that amendment ...won't take effectt.. until colorado's gooernor ...signs it. the suspect in the shooting at st. joseph... medical center... has been charged with attempted murder... murder... karen parks... live... at police headquarters.../ and ... says the officer... involved was grazed by a bulllt.... 30 year old briin dargan remaans in custody today....he is being held on a twenty five thousand dollar bail....//take vo// 3 33& investigators say dargan was taken to st joseph's medicaalcenter for treatment gurrey railing.... during the h- examination the hospital employee noticed a needll in phe suspects garments.....when she aatempted to take the needle the suspect grabbed hee arm....that's
the association and the u-s en - maritime aaliance... which represents shippinn companies to expireeone minute past set mooey.manageeent wants to reeuce "connainnr rooalties." if a ddal isn'ttreachhe... a strike ould stop ll container traffic at the port. (7:08) the port of baatimore pi one of maryland's largest eceonice gerneeators so any type of work action thaa may result in a suspension orrstoppage of work wouud have an adverse effe. organizations have urged president obama to order an 80 day cooling oof eriod but right now there is no that directionnlosing the ports to a shutdown.. even for a few days.. could cost the 3conomy billions f dollars..- a high-stakes meeting wwll be held in washington today.... between preeident obama and top congressional leaders. leaders.they've got just 4 days left to reach an eeonomy goes overrthe e u-- so-called "fiscal cliff." that's when automatic tax increases aad spending cuts would taae effect. democrats want tooextend the bush-era tax cuts to everyyne except those americans makinn 250- thousand dollars or more &pyear. but many rrpubllccns remain
compromise will do close to nothing about our debt problem. joining us now, to discuss what kind of deal they will and won't vote for, are two key senators, democrat dianne feinstein and republican lindsey graham. senators, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> chris: senator graham, a couple of days ago you said you thought we were going to go over the fiscal cliff and now we are in the midst of a lot of last-ditch bargaining between the senate leaders, reid and mcconnell, what are the chances for a small deal in the next, less than 48 hours to avoid the cliff. >> exceedingly good. i think people don't want to go over the cliff, if we can avoid it. i think, whatever we accomplish, political victory to the president, hats off to him, he stood his ground and will get tax increases, maybe not 250 but upper income americans and the sad news is we have accomplished little, in terms of not becoming greece, that bill will not affect the debt situation and it will be a a political victory for the president and i hope we have courage of our convictions, when it comes
and sewer lining was used to reppace the 120 year-old storm drain tuunel that collapsed back in july. 3 3 sunday's loss against the redskinn....keeps the raaens from clinccing a spot in the pl. playoffs. the oss is frustrating oo so many levees, joel d. mith is live at paneraain towson with an reactiin and more from the players too... including why tte ravens couldn't ssop that two point onvesion... even though hey say, they knew it was coming. that's right guys.... letts go to the first time over!!! s thooght it was r-g-3 scrambllng.. .despaaately gets naaled by haloti na-ta and he's hurt... he tried to stty in the game for a few plays, then left in favor of nother rookie.... kirk cousins.... who eeecutess the rest of the comebackk!!but llt's talk about that two point convvrsion. many say it waa a gutsy calllby thee says they saw it coming!! - the denver broncos come to toon next week with a 9 game manning looking likeepayton eepected back for that ooe though guys.. and maybe terrell suggs as well. forgee holiday shopping..'s our countdown tt christmas.we're giviig away
is the larger plan that really does stabilize the debt, and get us moving in the right direction. and, does it in a way that is cognizant that we have an economy that is recovering, that is still weak. and, we don't slam it. we don't slam on the brakes here in a way that puts us back into recession. that -- takes the jobless rate to 9.1%. >> chris: senator barrasso. >> i want to find a solution and not go over the cliff because if we do it hurts or economy and our country and i listen to the president, i think he is eager to go over the cliff for political purposes. i think he sees a political victory at the bottom of the cliff and he gets all the additional tax revenue for new programs and cuts the military which democrats have been calling for, for years, and, he gets to blame republicans for it and when the president recently was in the "wall street urnal," yesterday, talked about, you know, using the state of the union and using it -- inaugural address to blame republicans, that doesn't sound like somebody who is working with republicans, to find a solution. it is time for the president
jasi, victim's aunt: "i want someonn to help us find these suspects.. to get them off the street so they cannot o it to anyoneeelse." the 9-1-1 tapes continue... ddscribingga group of at least five teenagers heading west here on lombard... and into us tooay... they expect to maae more arrrsts.llve downtown,,pauu geesler, fox44 news at 5:30. dozens of people in baltimore gathered over the weekend to &pat gays and lesbians. &pbrutal beatinn of a young man baltimore.kenny shaw was walking home from a orner store... when he was jumpedd and attacked by roughly six believee he was targeted simply for being gay. within the gaa... lesbian... and transgendered community are rallying arounn the shaw... and prayiig for justtce. rev. meredith moise: 09:09:42 "ww are out here today becauseewe believe that violence is unacceptable." 09:15:54-09:16:022""e're all humann we shouldn't be afraid to walk to the orner store... and fear for our life.""-&life." when kenny was 3 apparently several witnesses... who did noohing &pto stop it. detectives ell us they hhve ooe lea
to the sse was carrying a kniff. when - she was confronted by a schhoo administrator she used the knife... o cut him on his hands.immediately... the schooo went into lockkown. as you can immginn... parents wereefrantic. (parent) "its ridiculous something needs to happen aad coming off the incident inn newtown any parenn ann real parent is going to be coocerned about whats going on far as their child" uildinggas no students were hurt during the city ock up tonight school is expected to open on schedule here this morning.but still a lot of unansweredd pueetiins about safeey... we'll have ore n that part of tte story coming up next half hour.iim megan gillilaad, pox45 morning news. &pii light of last week's elementary school... dick's sporting ggods is pplliig automatic rifles off --- shelles... at stooes around tte country. country.the store says it's its tore nearest to newtown, connecticuu. he retailer says the chhnge comee out of &preepect for the victims and's unclear how long the store will keep the suspensionnin place. wallart is pulling rifles off its shelves... thatta
& 3 3 news at ten. 3 3 that... brings us too 3 our question of the day..../. &pphould a pizza ddliveryman... be punished... fr defeeding himself? pimself? a lot of response... pn our facebook page .../// -3 most of you ay... he ááhouldá get a raise for deffedingghimselff..// if you want to weigh in just go to facebooo-dot- com-slash-fox-baatimore. 3&&p we have breaking barnes. the 16-year old norrh caroliin girl went mssiig two years ago -&ptoday..... her body was foundd in tte susquehana river months later. last pear the boyfrieed oo her older sister, michael johnssn, wws harged with strangling prosecutors say they want to close he courtroom during his trial tooshow sexaully explicit videos of baanes and the suspect, evidenceethey say ii key to their ase. &p we poke to the fammly oday, and theyytold us they are aware of the evidence, and are preeared. 3 we're still foolowing a developing 3 two men have beennshot oo woodbrrok a
.. they say when she wws conffonted by the schooll padmmnistraaor she used it. the school administrator was ut oo his hands. the schhol went - into lockdoown parents werr ffannic., 33 ((arent))"its rediculous somethiig needs to haapen and coming off the incidenttin &ppewtown any paaent any real parent s going to be concerned abbut whats goinggoo innide a chool building as & far as their child any real parent is going to be concerred." &p3 the school administrator was sent to the hospitall. the suspect s at the city lock up -- ttoight acing longgliit of - charges. no students weee hurt ddringgthe inciient. -3 3maryland schools reacted too & the sshoting todayyby talking to studenns studdntsbaltimore countys crisis plan was updated & earlier thii year aater the shooting at perrr haal high school. still officials aree & reassessinn their uilding for safety. today they had extraa securityyonnhand and they made sure counselors were availabll. - 3 " we knew that kids were going to ave uestions....outcce: to ansser those questions &pquestions 3 ooffcia
's because businesses pikely used 20-12 withholdingg would happennrtain about what - happen.if you want to see how much your taxes would go upp pgreement.. go to foxbaltimroe dozens of people in baltimore gathered over the weekend to protest violence....targeted at gays nd esbians. comes after thh bruual beating of a young man on christmas night in eaat baltimore.kenny shaw was walking home from a corner ssore... whhn e was jumped and attacked by roughly six believes he was targeted simmly for beinn gay. pow... friends aad upporttrs within the gay... lesbban... and transgendered community are allying arrund the shaw... and praying for justice. rev. meredith moose: 09:09:42 "we are out here today because we believe thht violence is unaccepttble." 09:15:54-09:16:02 "we're ll human, we shouldn't be afrrid to walk o the corner tore... life."when kenny waa aatacked...ttere wwre apparently several to stop it. detectives ell us they have some leads... but so far no arrests have been made. same-ssx couples in maryland are counting down he hours... until their ma
moveeby walmart... which is pulling tte &pbussmaster riile offfits - wwbsite... he same type used byygunman, adaa lanna.the company isn't responding to 3 just last year... the national chainnadded gun sales to & huudreds of its stores. the issue of gun & control is ery complicated. 3&control in a live town hall -3&pmeeting his friday. you can watch it.... strramme live on our website... -33 foxbaltimorr dot com. ttursday nightt &p3 governor 'malley says he plans to introduce bills aimed at preventing ass shootings like that ooe that happened last week.john ydell has more rom annapoliswhere the overnor outlined...someof his & priorities.... 3 &rydell) "the governoo spoke at length with reporters about thatttragic shooting in connecticuu and wwat can be -3 donee if anything, here at the ptate house ttis winter, to pnhanceepublic safety." (governor))"i think we ave too many ggns and i think we have too mmch killing." govvrnor o'malley & reflects...on the tragedyin connecticut.he's uppet....hat ccngress...allooed a federal expire...back
.morgan adsit jjins us now with an early giants-ravens report, morgann-&p the ravens locked up tteir second straight a-ffc north title...a franchise first winning back to back.and there will be one morr game in baltimmre.a first round, home ppayoff game...against a &pwildcard... either next weee's ppponent... cincinnati or innianapolis. 3 quarter...joe flacco airs it out to torrey smith...43 yard placco ran it in tt give the ravens a 14-0 leaa....2nd &pto rayyriiee..rice does the rest...reaches paydirt...27 yard touchdown...24-7 ravenss at half....4th quarter... rice's bacckp...beenard pierce of temppe takes it 78 yards 3 witt 123 on the day....ravens roll past the giants...33-14 winninn the afc north... locking in a homeeplayoff game... &&p33 3 3 john hhrbaugh eliminates the &pwill play next week inn cincinnati...that's in 30 on sports unlimited. raaens fans were definitely feeling their puuple pride today...these pics sent into us by some of our viewees. check out lashawn... sporting &her ravensssweatthirt and santaahht.and of course... her d
joel d. smith is live at &pmount waahington sshool to show us hoo the money would be ssent, and whht happenssif & short. 3 3 3 are you prepared for he end of the woord?according to -3 the mayyn calendar... thiss friday maaks the end of it all. all.around he country... many ensuue they're set for -3 whattver happensson decemmer -3&p21st.but none... quuteellke ááhisá guy. 3"people getting reedy frr december 21 this year should - be prepared ffr any possible scenariio, whether it be the end of ays, civil unreet, puclear attack." & 3 the owner f an army ssrplls store n dallaa... says his ccssomers hhve been prepping for years... stockpiling as masks, m---e's and ven building bbnkers. but according o author and mayann expert mark vvn stone... ttere's no cause for alarm. p 3 'tis the season for lots oo sweets.buttsometimessthose festive treats... don't always tuun outtthe way you planned. favooite santa cake- fails... from tte website cake- wrecks- dot- com. com. 3 3 &p 3 por evvn more hilaaious picturrs... go to our com slash morningg 3 forget h
activity activityso what's in store or us, here in maryyand maryyandkaren parks joins us live from sinai hospital in northwest baltimore...with more on the flu situation áweá face... karen karen we typically don't see cases until january......but seeing cases in october...indicating we could be in store for a rough fll season.... 3 3 //(59:13)itssactually starting to be global....the flu ssrikes again.......but this time....its early....(58:55)aa travel....a lot of it has to dowith what strain is out in maryland.....flu season uuually starts after the start of the new year..... but sinai hospital .... says it has already seen patients...aad peter andrews.....a physician assistant says.......thanksgiving didn't help....(57:57)you have the large influx of peoppe getting toggther their all sick but pass it around your numbers ey - increese...accooding to maryland's department of nine people have been symppoms.....(:24)come to the hospital when you have a fever thats more than 100.4 thht you anything down you are throwing up you have having diarrhea you're really weak you j
was in emergency lockdown duriig the incident. no students weee injured.. sourres ell us the 21 year -3 old oman aa ttempting to -3 deliver a urprise birthday 3 people everywhere are showing their concern for the families ann victims oo friiayy evastating school massacre....especcallyyhhre in baltimore. baltimore. instead of their annual holiday -3 gathering... students at the university school of social work deecded to do a card-making party tt express their sympatty to the families & f sanny hook. "rather than sitting back ann doing nothing about it i thought that this woull be a good way to ring people together for a common cauue that everyone was tuch by." by." dozens of 3 give their words of & encouragement. p3 it was a big day at st. joseph & medicalccnter...where -&&pbaltimore's archbiihophelpedd ceeebrate aahuge &&ptransformation.john rydell & joins us with more onthe completion of a big merger...john... 3 jennifer... it's nw ""fffcial.""st. joees" ... has -3been "acquured" "university" oo maryland
... with gun that was ánotá used waiting on toxicology tests n adamm.. and a geneticiss has peen caaled in tt help look for clues.there are witnesses to the shootings at the to get mooe informatiin from e - them...but many f the witnesses are young children. investigators say they are sensitive to that. we cannot aad will not damage they''e lived throogh hell aad we'reenot going to add to ttat if we can get around it we caan get around it we will. will. the gunman's comppter mayynot be able to shed light on hee crime.lanzaahaa smashee the computer before going on the shooting spree... ...and so par...invvstigators have been from itto retrieve aay data - since theeshhotingg... wants to take meannngful id he - action that would preevnt another traggdy like sandy &phook.we are finally finding out what that mmans... the prrsiddnt would like to close the un show loophhle, ban high apacity ammunition magazinee and look aatmeasuress ttat address mental health. he also will support a bill thatt will be introduced on the first day of the new session. he is acttvvlyy upportive of seeator feinstein
while ááigh.á áhigh.á sinceepot has use in bboh states... ational washington ii iipossng a strict limit on the amount of pot drivers can have in their shows that within 3 ours of smoking... driiers are twice as likeey to cause a crash. so in ashiigton... he limit is 5- nanograms per blood sample. but expeets say hey ssill don't know how much pot actually causes impaiiment. "because we are early on ii the researchhphhse it is very difficult to tell if ttat 5 similar to how dui standards have evolved ver the years." -butt to-"for anyooe toosay 2 hits or dossges would get me &pto 5 nanograms - t is nearly impossible to make ttat determi" determination." colorado has already defeeted thee5 nanogram standard because marijuana is kknwn to advocates areearguiig that 10 nanograms be the impairrenn limit.. sunday's loss against the redskins... keeps the ravens from clinching a spottin the pl. playoffs..he ravens were up 28 too20... with inside a minute tt up 28 to 20... with the ravens were tth playoffs. pllyoffs.clinching a spot in the ravens from redssins... keeps
is asking the f-a-a... to allow it'ssrequesting the use of tablets, e-readers and portable devices... from take-off to landing. the f-a-a says it wiil review its policies... but so far... no decisson hhs been made. &pthe looming fiscallcliff... i less than four weeks away.and as jim acosta could complicate efforts for superstorm sandy relief. 3 he isited he president at &pthe white house... thee he mm with senatorr from his own state... before sllpping in to meet the sseaker of the house... "i'm going home guys. pressdential candidaae... who l is rarely at a loss for words... departed tte nation's silence. as ii turnn oot... the new jersey goveenor's quest for money to ebuild his may be colliding with another ooher words... bbd timing. (reporter: is there any chance anyyof this will get talks?") "well look it doesn't come at an opportune time because of the fiscal cliff, both the talks and the fact that we're short on money but traditionally what this pountry has done was treat a from the storm ravaged statts believv the obama pdministration will propose roughly 50 billi
! joins us with this mornings hometown hotspot.- ttll us about the show.- how long will the show be here?theeshow beehere? - what will we see during the p? performance? disney live! mickey's music festival is happening at the lyric december 7th and learn more log on to fox baltimore ddo com slashh morning. 3 3 coming uu... 3 3 3 3 3 3 coming up... a breath test... that determines whether a person has colon canccr.hoo it works... and how close it is to hitting the market. plus a seriius shortage of áspeemá... in france.what experts think could be to blame... for a recent drop in're watching fox 45 morning news.. all looal.. all morning. ((break 2)) [ male announcer ] there's everyday chicken and then there's juicy chicken with hellmann's ♪ hellmann's is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken... [ bell dings ] crispy so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear hellmann's. bring out the best to making dinner disappear new this morning... the pilitary is being told to start planning for billioos of dollars in possible budgee cuts. tta
irefighters hang 22 wreaths, sent from oregon in mmssacre. it makes us feel warm to know hat this is, it's amazing that peeple that syyboos of solidarity when this toon needssii most. the victims of friday's shooting at sandy hook elementary two sixxyearrolds ---jack pinto and nah pozner -- were laid to est. you see little coffins and your heartthas to pommunity is beginning the painstaking tass of moving -3 forward. 3 makinn ppans foo the futuree & ven thouuh so mann questions remain unansweeed. we're goong to do everythinggthat t takes to ensure that we uncover every bit of evidence & 3 3 3 a newlyyformed grassroots group called "newtownnunited," is calling for betttr gun control. it plans to send tuesday. we have the benefit &paad the misfortune of being on this is a rrally pportunity for us to make a statement. as the nvestigation continues, mooeet oo silence ffiday att tragedy happennd. 3 &3 are uthooities saying any moreeabbut a otive ttoight? 3 tory dunnann- reporting in newtown ttnightt.. thanks 3 we've also earned tonight of a mary
the city wasn't the only ppace ppople were enjoying today's - snowfall.janice parkkshows us folks in finksburg emmracce sevvral inches of snnw. snow. & 3 "hi karen...latest winter blast" 3 you can hear the faint screams - of sledders...enjoying the iiches of snow ddmped on - finkkburg today: today: 3 for the fletcher faaily...finksburg is a far cry frrm where they live 3 california. &pp3 whileesnow ttpically brings a messy commute...a saturday snow along with clear rrads & meanttthat the snow was - welcomed today::- toddy:"waan't snowing till i -3 got my cup of coffee looked like i was getting out for a plttle sledding"so today, wass instead all about spending time wwth family:who sometimes you love to hate::- hate:"it looked like stuuf" stuuf" 3 and making he est nowman you can...beforeeit all meltssaway: away: 3 "jp, fox445news at tenn 3- 3 people continued o sled in sunset. 3 but which areas got the most snow and arr weeii the clear tonight. tonight. lee's go o &pmeteorologist emill gracey for a look at whatts happening now. now. 3 p33
...and ne bullet was lodgeddin hisswallet. police tell us....thht thee -3 teen had told someone t an earlierrparty that he would 3 33 "you're never safe anywhere, there's a lot of crazy people" & people livinggin essex are just hearing about a police chase....that happened on their street thursday evening: arrested? a bloody michael jabaath...wanted for the & attempted murder of an off duty police officer: officer:"we are less than a mile from where the susppctt lives, they went to arrest him, he ffed and that's when the chase began"the teen had deeember 9th...overlea...3:30 in the morning...a parry of 100 people lets off duty officer on his way home - ii his honda forced to stop completely because of the crowd.police say someone yelled that he had a gun ii the car...and that's when thhy say the 18 year old fired at --3 the officer: officer:"we just moved in, my stepdaughttr go, as soon as we moveein someone gets shot!" shot!"" i can't imagine just shooting someone on the street, but people are crazy" 3 wasted mind"tonight a een is pn
preeident obaaa. that brings us to our question of the day... should storm victims on aryland's eastern shoreget more help from the federal govvrnment?. here's our facebook page...a lot of you are responding to this question...and mosttof you say they áshouldá get help. joon the discussion right now by goinn to facebook dot com sllshhfox-baltimore 3 toss to vytas 3 p3 a women behinn bbrssafter making this youttbe viieo.... her nline confession that gave police a reason to arrest her. --music video nats--- nats--- firefighters in hot water ovee over a provocative video... filmmd inside the station. i'm doing my own sleep study. advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake with annoying aches and pains and more time asleep. advil pm®. the difference is a better night's sleep. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans a
longshorrmen association and the u-s mmaitiieealliance s pet to xpire suuday.the key sticking point is over large that longshoremen get for s - them. shipping companiee pay rryalties to theelongshoremen for the containers... but they wwnt to freeze the payments for current longghoremen and eliminateethem for future hhres. the port of baltimore is one of maryland's largest eceonice geenerators o any type of work action that may result in a suspension or stoopage of work ould have an adverse effe. nearly 15-thousand dockworrers along the east and gulf in baltimoor. remain open all the time at maryland casinos. so how much mmre money will it mean for casinos and then ... state?? joel d. smith is live at "maryland llve" now to exxecting. joeel how 3pbusy is it? - 3 3 3 p3 into the d-n-a of the man ellmentary school massacre... foo clues as to what ade him s. a first-of--ts-kind study... geneticists areedoing a complete nalysis of adam for mutations ssociated with - mmntal illness... that could lead to an increaseddrisk for violence.but experts sayythat there
... rooklan--ville.../// to... tell us how... the state... is prepping... for snow. the tons of salt that you seee behind me...will be used starting around midnight...ass crews obilize.the state highway administration says even a few inches of snow can wreak havoc on the if ou are planning on trrveling early tomorroww morninn...they re asking that . you arr aking looo at the "emergency operation ccnter" at the state highwayy administration.they have live camera feees... that allows them to monitior roadway conditiins....nd even pavement senors that feed info on what's going oo....all this technology helps them determine which areas need he now...they've been treating comes the salt, then plowing. 3 "in fact to stay one step ahead...crews areedeployed pretreating roads, prevents ice to road to eeppsafe in wintee storm" and even though they advise against it...if tomorrow can caal 511....local, livv traffic in brooklandville, jj fox45 news at 530. whhn you need to stay on top latest information rrght on e - your cell phone.... downloa
. 2... san diego.number 1?... miiai. forget holiday shopping.. leave that to us. chhistmas.we're giving away all these gifts uuder our ttee. tree.the áá4th and 5th to choose a gift from under the tree. coming up... some people will do aaything... to catth a prrvateelife. life.operator: hello good morning kkng edward v111 hospital:presenttr: oh hello there, could i ppease sseak to , kate, the prank phone call... thht's causing outrage arouud the worldd and parents... grab your kids! &pmickey's muuic festival is taking overrbaltimore.where you can go o see him and his friends... ccming up in our watching fox 45 good day - baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) tap your feet and clappyour hands.... disney live! taking over baltimore.bartleyy mullin frommdisney live! joins us with this mornings hometown hotspot.- what can we eepect from the performance?- what is the recoomened age group for the show?? what will we see ddring &pperrormance? disney live! mickey's muuic festival is happening at the lyric december 7th and baltimore dot com ssash &pmorning. coming up... yo
to wear down, and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel, because it helps to strengthen the enamel. and i believe it's doing a good job. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. for children maae homeless by superstorm sandy, christmas brighter.. thanks to a nd 5-year-girl in southeast baltimore.keith dannels tells us about the litttl girl's idea... that's now gone vvral. sadie mirjafary is 5-year-old álittle girl..á with a ábigá hhert.... she's sandy.(sadie) "i donnt think - santa clause wiil know where their houses.. because they don't have a house. i think i'm going to be the one to give them toys!" sadie knows that she'sságettingá hooiday presents.. that makes hee happy. so does thh joy the chiidren to be happy too. like, they can have their toys so they can play with them.. causs they don't have aay toys anymore." sadie's toy drive ssarted about two weeks behind by sandy. she told her mother, let's ive the piis toys...(ms. mirjafary)" i were going to do it...." .........she ádiiá it with facebook, an event page. s
spreaders, our salt spreaaers // gotta be aware of your -win peopll,,they try to pass us, or they try to take our center cuts... there s a lot you gotta do.... do..." the weather is national weathhr service hasse under a winter storm warniig. hundreds of same-sex couples ii washinggon state take advanttge of the state's new law... allowing hem to marry. &pmarry.seattle's city haal is nnrmally ccosed on suuday... but that wasn't the case this week..the state's first same yesterday.the washington legislature passed he same- sex marriage bill back inn just took effect this month.nd - poo: "....i dont think we ever expected in oor lifetime that thhs would happen..."mos: "i aay hhppier, its such a special day for us and foo the state and for all the other couples here and its just been rrally fabuloos to beea part of it" same-sex partnerssto marry, or will oon... incluuing &pmaryland. 3 sunday's loss against the redskins... keees the ravens to 20... with iiside a minute l- tt play.r-g-3 is knocked out of the game... but redskins backup quarterback kirk cousins comes in and st
's gameein landover came down to field goal in overtime...sports director bruce cunningham joins us ow as another backup quarterback beaat the purple and black...bruce... there are defeats ann then there are paiiful pefeats..and then there are really painfuu defeats...we got the third option today.. quarteeback robert griffin iii out of he game..and then the proverbial bottom fell out.... the ravens were up 28-20 hadkockkd rg iii out of the - game.. but backup kirk cousens &ppierrecarcon froo 11 yards - was 28-26.......tten,, cousins keeps t himself for the two point cooersion..the game is tied, and headed for overtime......innthe extra period, the ravens areeforced to ppnt..and watch what éhappens...rookie richard crawford returns it 64 yards...onlypunter ssm koch &pthere...the skins ran a few plays, and then haaded t to kai forbaah, whocalmly kicked tte 34 ard field goal to stun the ravens...31-28 the final... our moogan adsit spent the afternoon down at fedex...her reportt and aa exhausttve looo at today's pame,coming up on our expanded sundayh night edition of spo
a drastic change in yourrnext paycheck. that's ecause bussnesses likely used 20-12 withholding rates... uncertain abouttwhat would happen. happee.iffyouuwant to ee how much your taxes woulddgo up without the fissal cliff agreement.. go to foobaltimroe dot ccm slass morning. dozens of peeple in baltimore gathered over the weekend to prottst violence... targeted at gaas anddlesbians. comes after the brutal beating of a young man on ccristmas night in eaat baltimmre.kenny shaw was palkinn home from a corner stooe... when he was jummed ann attaaked by roughly six believes he was now... friends and supporters within the gay... lesbian... and transgendered ccmmunity shaw... and prayyng for rev. meredith moise:09:09:42 bbcause we believe that 09:15:54-00:16:02 "e're all human, we shouudn't be affaid to walk to the corner store... and fear for our lifee" life." whee kenny was attacked...there were witnesses... who did nothing to stop it. detectives tell us they have some leads... but so far no arrests have been made. several police departmeets arr askkng for your help
carriers only store them for a day or two. 3 that brings us to our questiin offthe day....///should law enforcement agencies... have the potential... tooaccess... your texx essages for up to pwo years? here's a look at our facebook page....this question got a than 250 comments...most people do not like this idea. join the discussoin right now by going tt facebook dot com 3&there... a... lott.. riding... p on... ssnday's game... between... the redskins../. howard... county p aa.. huge ravens fan.../ issued... an... online challenge... to... his.... counterpart.../ rushern... . bakerr 3iq: i got a challenge for - if the ravens lose, ken ulman will publicly shame hhmself... for an entire if they win.... baker... woull be fooced to sport his halooi ngata jeesey... and ...brinn purple friday... to redskins country....//.. no word yet ... if... they have a deal -- / but baker turned it over... to his twitter followers... / moot... say...// go for it. other videos on our new eo and website link "around the web." you can ind it on tte &pleft-hand
the rrnge is to pducaae children to train them pn the correcc way to use them --3 pnd ii an be a fun sport, ii &&pdoesn't have tt be a dangerous sport." while both sidee of the issue dissgree on what needs to bee - seems they both agree... thattsomething needs 3 children aaen't harmed. the world's oldess woman... &&phaa died. dded.dina manfredini passed awaaymooday in iowa... at the age of 115.she waa born on april 4thh 18-97... nd came tt des moinnssfrom italy inn 19920. manfredini held the title from gginness world records for just a few weeks... when the previius record-holdee passed away at the age of 116. 3&p a nationwide competition for a 0 ttousand dollar grant is doww to the last twoodays. and tte mount washington 3 of 22 hundred entries. entties. that's impressive, but only the top spot, gets - the mmney... so joel d. smith is ive at the school now too see what the students are top, anddsee exactly whh the -3 pmney is needed rrghh now. now. 33 3 3 cominggup on the earlyy edition... wwiters foolowing aadream. dream.the avenues ttey
collector gives us a nostalgic look... at the jukebox. ((bbeak 2)) 3 3 about 50 years ago, the sounds coming from a magical machine at the local diner, dance club, burger joont or ttvern... captivated a young "hip" generation.nothing can assemble a group of partiers faster than this marvelous machine made offchrome, wires and vinyl.jeff barnd haa coin operated phonograph. phonograph. 4 ops same olddsong http://wwwwyoutub e.ccmmwwtthhvv22yyllcccx5g lcccx5g for a buck 30, you can download your favorite songs on just about anything consisting of plastic, computer chips and some mineralsa& mineralsa& elvis heartbbeak hotel http://www.youtub gg2244//rr>> 3 of course, once you stick the tune in your ear, you're on lonely streeta& only you partya&approx 14:25:40"i'll play you a tune" 65 year old joe bloodgood is the ownee of jumpin jim's musical jb's, (11:02:37) he collects, restores, rents and sellsa these original mp3'sa&.. mp3'sa.. mechanical 15:07:09 if t has a coin slot, turntabbee party lights and vinyl groovesa& johnny mathasa chances are" http://www
reed... about a mulli-billion homeland security grant .... that's... being pay for ... 13- snowcooe... machines... in... one state. new... fox../.. parents... 3 confront school demanding... answerr ...about... a... school worker... who faces ... sex charges...///. say... shawn nowlin... got... a 15-yearrold girl. pregnant...//. but tonight, many of the petrryed.... nccuding one her 11-year-old son's moss trusted confidant during son's depression caused by his parrnts' separationn but nowlin was a hall monitor at the schooll not a child and family therapist as he claimed. tonightt parents wanted it.. and wondereddif school officials even checked his credentials. but parents walked out of the meettng ponight, they say, with nn answers. still, sshool officials called it, a successful eeting. (mr. crue/concerneddparent) "but what iiheerd here tonight that concerned me was thaa the administration is not accepting rrsponsibility for something thaa went wwoog." wrong."(mr. brrce/school official) "i think the fact successs i thin
anddtell sswhat you thinn. - you an lso sound off ttrough pacebboo.or senn us a twwet.. at foxbaltimore. a woman is charged with killing her father on his 90th birthday. birthday. &p3 itt appennd monday night at a - home onnridgely road in carrlineecounty.police say janice cohee called 911 o been killld by two intruders.. - offfcers found the body of arthur cohee in aachair in the kitchen with obbious traama o his head and neckkpooice say theedaughter's storyydidnt match up with ediiencc fouud at the scene.she's been 3 3 firstton fox....a baatimore &pcounty high school studenttiss suspended from school after a wild fight in the hallway... &&pand onight that girl's father blames another girl's mother for starting the fight. figgt. 3 keith ddniels live at lanssowwe hiihhschooll where &&pcamera... keith? 3 3 -3& 3 3 3 3 in dundalk tonight... friindss and neeghbors are reaching ouu to help a family who ost everything they own - one week &proederrreports.....a firee last night. &p3 11:36:222""hey lost christmas - and this is all that's lefttof
's wins and losses theebeltwwy was wonn y redssinn... the sttndings for us didn't move. he goes on to say, this was a battle for te beltway... but the ravenssare thinking playyff positioning.... denver in town next week... 3 coming p on theeearly cliff.thh food ssfety issues ameriiaas coull experience... if no deal is reached. ((break 1)) 3 ((bump in)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 -3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))map 3&pgrenspriigliberrymaps 3 3 3 3 commng up... the ravens knock the game.iffin the 3rd out of - another backup quarteeback sent tteepurplee and bback home with a loss. budget cuts... impacting food safeey.the heaath inspectiins that ould take a hit... if america goes over the fiscal cliff. ♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. 3 while democratt andd republicans try to hammer out deaa to aaoid the fiscal cliff p some government aaencies are making contingency plans in case they don't. as emily schmidt reports, agenciessthatt regulaae food safettyare on alert bbcause of the potential
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